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Furbo Dog Camera Review

Furbo Dog Camera Review

Supported by Furbo & Karkalis Communications

Ever wondered what your dog is doing when you’re not at home?
Meet the Furbo Dog Camera.
“Furbo is an interactive smart dog camera that lets you see, talk, and toss treats to your dog from anywhere.”

Tech Specs:
5.91x4.72x8.86 inches (15x12x22.5cm)
Weight: 2.1 pounds (950g)
Camera: 1080p HD, 160° wide-angle lens, 4x digital zoom, automatic night vision.
Audio: Built-in speaker, high quality microphone
Treat capacity: 100 pieces
Recommended treat: Round shaped treats with a diameter around 0.4 inches; (1cm)
Power: 100-240V, 5V2A
Connectivity: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Smart stuff: The device has both noise & echo suppression and 2 way audio. All of which can be controlled by a downloadable app available on both Android or iPhone


Test Driving Furbo

When our Furbo arrived I’m not sure who was more excited to open the box, me or Declan. I had made sure to read as little as possible about it so our experience would be as honest as possible.

The Furbo dog camera is sleek in appearance. Something that wouldn’t look out of place in an upmarket Scandinavian furniture store, complete with unpronounceable name.  So locating a suitable place for it in the lounge was effortless.
At this stage Declan was less interested in the device’s installation process and more focused on the bag of treats that accompanied it, why they were being decanted into the Furbo and not directly into him.

The set up of the device was incredibly straight forward. You just need Wi-Fi, somewhere to plug it in and a smart phone. Next you download their app, available for both Android & iPhone, needed to control the device. Once the app was installed onto my phone and the Furbo switched on, we were good to go.

They do (as do I) strongly suggest running through some training with your dog to get them used to the sound Furbo makes prior to dispatching the treats. It is definitely worth watching their video on how to do this, YouTube is also really helpful, as were the group of Facebook.
However, I completely hadn’t taken into account the fact that Declan gets freaked out by strange noises. Meaning that probably half of the treats were used up trying to get him to not run out the room every time the device sounded it’s treat alert.

You can record your own sound/voice, which your dog might prefer to hear (mine did not, my voice coming out of the machine seemed to have him running out of the room even faster!)
So with perseverance, training and more treats, we eventually got Declan comfortable being around the Furbo.


Once the Furbo is on, it will cleverly let you know if your dog starts barking by sending an alert to your phone. This is really great if you are leaving a young dog at home for the first time, or have a dog who is nervous to be left on their own.
If you own an Anatolian/German Shepherd mix who likes having a shout at the best of times…. you’ll find the alert goes off a fair amount during the day (sorry neighbours!) That being said, we definitely feel more relaxed knowing that we can check in on him to make sure he’s not barking due to being distressed.

The wide angled camera gives you a great view of whichever room you set it up in, making it easy to see where your four legged friend is hanging out. The night vision feature also means you can keep an eye on pooch, anytime of the day.  The addition of a microphone, gives you the ability to have a chat with your dog and the audio quality is excellent. You can also take photos and record videos when using the app.

But by far the best feature is the ability to send your dog treats whenever you want, using their super easy app. Maybe a little too easy…. because who doesn’t want to make it rain treats. This is the feature we have been using the most, also confirmed by the recent weigh in at the vet!


Thanks to Furbo, we now know the following about our dog:  

  1. When we are out, Declan spends a fair amount of his day busy ‘guard dogging’ (aka barking).

  2. Several barking alerts in a row, either means, we have post or his dog walker has arrived.

  3. Declan really likes treats appearing in the lounge by magic

  4. He spends a lot of time asleep in the bedroom

  5. My voice coming of the Furbo still freaks him out and is sure-fire way to make him leave the lounge

In conclusion:
The Furbo dog camera is a really fun piece of tech to have in your house and at the moment it is on offer £129.00 (usually £249.00). So if you are a dog owner or want to buy an impressive gift for a dog owner this is guaranteed to make everyone smile.

Where can I get one:

DISCLAIMER: this review was written with as a cooperation partner with Furbo & Karkalis Communications, all views are my own.

Installing a Furbo Dog Camera does not mean you can / should leave your dog for longer periods of time alone.