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The Multipotentialite Dog Bore

The Multipotentialite Dog Bore

Dog Bore: Emma Brockelsby
Works: Yoga Teacher, Website Designer & Jewellery Designer, Brighton, UK
Dog: Bamse
Saint Bernewfie X Newfoundland, from Hove

How did you meet your canine companion?
Online dating..... no, not really. Online puppy shopping to put it bluntly. There were a litter of Saint Bernard x Newfoundland puppies for sale in Essex, so we rushed straight there and got the best pick of the bunch (in our eyes anyway).

Whatโ€™s the story behind your dogโ€™s name?
Bamse. It means "giant" or "bear" in Swedish. Bamse is also a Swedish cartoon character that I grew up with. His personality reminds me of our pooch.

How has your life changed since you have had your dog?
It's made me care less about mess! Haha! Gosh, is that awful to say? It's the truth though! If there's a little dirt on the floor, I might not pick it up straight away like I used to.

Which 3 words best describe your dogโ€™s personality?
Loving, Protective & Cuddly

Whoโ€™s your dogโ€™s favourite person?
My partner, Phil (because he's in charge of the biscuit tin).

Whatโ€™s your dogโ€™s superpower?
When he shakes his head, his slobber can land on someone 3 metres away!

If your dog had a job, what would it be?
A counsellor. He is the best listener in the world and always offer hugs if you get teary.

Whatโ€™s your dogโ€™s most unappealing / most embarrassing habit?
His drooling. Especially when he rests his head on a friends knee and then leaves a bucket of slobber behind!

Where can we find you hanging out with your dog?
Hove Dog Beach. He LOVES the ocean. Won't swim, but loves to be as close to water as possible! Being half Newfie, it's in his blood to be by the water. We are currently taking him for dog swimming lessons (as he is 3 years old now and still can't figure out how to swim) and so far, he's doing great!

Finish this sentence "a dog walks into a barโ€ฆ.โ€
... and see's a steak on the table.
He eats it.

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