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The Musical Philosophy Student Dog Bore

The Musical Philosophy Student Dog Bore

Dog Bore: Tigs (Alicia, but Tigs since I was a child, by everyone!)  
Job: I was a professional musician for 10 years but now i am a full time philosophy student
Dogs: Blue (grey dog) and Sorrel (gold dog)
Blue is a Croatian Pointer and Sorrel is a Podenca
Blue is from Vukovar on the Croatia / Serbia border, Sorrel is from Andalucia in Southern Spain.

How did you meet your canine companion?
I found Blue on my daily daydreaming sessions - searching through rescue websites. I wasn't even really thinking to get a dog quite yet, and there he was, my perfect dog. He looked like a very worried baby seal (that impression turned out to be a very accurate representation of him) and I was in love with him before I even realised he wasn't in the UK.
Looking back, it does seem a bit mad to adopt a dog you haven't had the chance to meet but I got very lucky. A year later Blue and I were in Andalucia for a month and I wanted to get a Podenco, their prospects are so poor there, the rescue centres are full of them. I let Blue choose Sorrel. We met many dogs in two big rescue centre, with Sorrel there seemed to be a natural easiness between them. For my part I thought she was beautiful and broken and I wanted to fix her. Even trying to get her out of the enclosure for B to meet her was hard, it took me 15 minutes to corner her and I had to carry her out, she was terrified. Then they sniffed each other and he just booped her head with his paw. I thought 'yep, this one'.

What’s the story behind your dog’s name?
Blue came with the name already, and it suited him and I liked it so it stayed. I had Sorrel nameless for 4 days. I wanted the perfect name for her, something that fitted. I had a list (I recently found it again) with many Spanish names. All of them had some suggestion of her background (she was found abandoned on a mountain) 'tierra' (earth / ground' as in 'of the earth') 'camino' (the way, the journey, the route) 'espira' (whirl/ spiral - she has two perfect ones, one on each side of her tail) but Sorrel became a favourite, it is a herb, so still of the earth, like her and as she was coming to live in England people would actually be able to pronounce it, unlike the Spanish names.

How has your life changed since you have had your dog?
It's changed completely. They ground you of course, in a practical sense, which is why you have to be at the right point in your life, otherwise you'd resent that grounding. I love their company. my reasoning for getting a dog was fairly unselfish, I felt that my lifestyle was already a good fit for a dog. I'm a distance runner and love to hike and get out of London as much as possible. Plus I knew I could take a dog to work (I went ahead with a second dog without even asking, bit naughty) so over all I could provide a good quality of life for a dog. I'm outside even more than I used to be, rain or shine, and I never resent it because it's us against the world. Coming in after a freezing wet winter walk and getting dry and cosy and cuddling up whilst the rain beats the's the absolute best. I'm studying also, and they're the ultimate companions for that, they stay with me, happy to just be there in my presence whilst I write papers through dark evenings and they're an excellent reasons to take breaks - which we all need.

Which 3 words best describe your dog’s personality?
Blue : serious, loving, brave.
Sorrel : wild, gentle, intelligent

Who’s your dog’s favourite person?
Definitely me, but then i am their only human

What’s your dog’s superpower?
Blue : never ever running out of energy
Sorrel : hunter extraordinaire

If your dog had a job, what would it be?
They are both utterly unemployable

What’s your dog’s most unappealing / most embarrassing habit?
Blue is leash reactive - when on the lead he is very shouty at other dogs. He was attacked as a puppy, before he came to me, it has left psychological marks on him that may never go. It's frustrating but we continue to work on it.
Sorrel doesn't kill the animals she hunts - when they're not running anymore then they're not interesting to her. She just stares at their convulsing, bleeding little bodies and won't finish the job. it's awful. I can't let them suffer so I have to do it :(

Where can we find you hanging out with your dog?
Victoria park during the week, Hampstead Heath or out in the countryside at weekends. and of course, Saturday mornings having a family cuddle in bed........heaven

Finish this sentence "a dog walks into a bar….”
...hey whose leg do I have to hump to get a drink around here?'

The 911 Dispatcher Dog Bore

The 911 Dispatcher Dog Bore

The Dog Bore Couple

The Dog Bore Couple