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The Luxury Dog Bed Company Dog Bore

The Luxury Dog Bed Company Dog Bore

Dog Bore: Christine Chau
Job: Co-founder of luxury dog bed company Charley Chau
Dog: The Charley Chau pack consists of Charley, Anna, Tino and Theo
They are all Italian Greyhounds

How did you meet your canine companion?
I met Charley, my first Italian Greyhound, in a paddock on a beautiful summer’s day with a whole gang of Italian Greyhounds tearing around and causing mayhem.

What’s the story behind your dog’s name?
Charley was one of four puppies. When I met the puppies for the first time Charley stood out because he was bigger and chubbier than the other puppies and my partner said “look at that one, he ate all the pies”. So Charley was officially named ‘Fat Charley’.

How has your life changed since you have had your dog?
Charley’s arrival was followed a year later by Anna – my second Italian Greyhound. When Anna came home I needed more dog beds but having bought a lot of beds in Charley’s first year (most of which were poor quality regardless of price and didn’t last beyond a couple of washes) so I made a couple of Snuggle Beds on my sitting room floor. It led to the start of Charley Chau, the luxury dog bedding company I co-founded with my sister and business partner. Two years later I left my career in the city to focus on Charley Chau, and Charley and Anna were joined by Theo. The three of them, plus Tino who is my sister’s Italian Greyhound, have literally changed my life beyond recognition!

Which 3 words best describe your dog’s personality?
As a pack my Italian Greyhounds are bouncy, bonkers and the best.

Who’s your dog’s favourite person?
Aside from me then it’s Granny Chau and her never-ending supply of treats!  

What’s your dog’s superpower?
An ability to wrap me around their little paws and ‘force’ me to spoil them rotten.

If your dog had a job, what would it be?
They do have jobs. Charley is Chief Product Tester at Charley Chau and Theo is Charley Chau’s Resident Supermodel. Anna is our Managing Director but likes to be known as Queen Anna. She rules.

What’s your dog’s most unappealing / most embarrassing habit?
Charley is very food motivated. In plainer language, he is greedy beyond belief. In the summer I have to keep him on a short lead in the park if there are children eating ice cream cones around because he has a habit of relieving children of their ice creams in the blink of an eye. No respect. Really embarrassing.

Where can we find you hanging out with your dog?
Walking in the countryside – usually the Peak District National Park for its hills and spectacular landscape.

Finish this sentence "a dog walks into a bar….”
… and says “Ouch.”

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