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The Social Media Whiz Dog Bore

The Social Media Whiz Dog Bore

Dog Bore: Roseanna Davies
Job: I'm a Social Media Manager at Mobas
Dog: Pepe
Miniature Jack Russell, I kept her from My oldest Jack Russell, Ginger. I picked her out especially for her bad manners!

How did you meet your canine companion?
Ginger, one of my 3 beautiful Jack Russell's is her mum! I even cut her umbilical cord! I think that's why Pepe and I have a special bond.

Whatโ€™s the story behind your dogโ€™s name?
Pepe is named after Pepe le Pew the black and white skunk from Looney Tunes. Although it's a male name I just love it.

How has your life changed since you have had your dog?
It's crazy! No not really, having a dog is no easy task but having 4 can be a handful at times but i can't see our family without all of them. They make our family- I genuinely love them like I would my children.

Which 3 words best describe your dogโ€™s personality?
Sassy, bossy, needy

Whoโ€™s your dogโ€™s favourite person?
I am definitely Pepรฉ's number 1. And Ginger loves me the most. But Poppy & Pippa worship my partner. They stare at him and follow him everywhere.

Whatโ€™s your dogโ€™s superpower?
She has this incredible ability to understand when you're feeling sad. But I don't think that's just Pepe. All dogs are incredibly sensitive to our feelings. It's magic.

If your dog had a job, what would it be?
She totally wouldn't have a job! A lady of leisure... rather like now actually! Or a gourmet food taster. She's all for the smoked salmon.

Whatโ€™s your dogโ€™s most unappealing / most embarrassing habit?
She frantically licks ears. It's really gross.

Where can we find you hanging out with your dog?
In a dog friendly cafe with dog treats (and somewhere where Pepe is allowed on the sofa!)

Finish this sentence "a dog walks into a barโ€ฆ.โ€
And says are you from Tennessee? Cause you're the only ten I see. Seriously, what??


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