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The Financial Controller Dog Bore

The Financial Controller Dog Bore

Dog Bore: Leigh - Fabio's Mom
Job: Financial Controller
Dog: Fabio
Chinese crested/ mini poodle. He was found as a stray in LA, California and flown to Long Island New York! 

How did you meet your canine companion?
I was searching for a dog work weeks and wasn't having any luck with finding the purfect match until I stumbled across Fabio's picture on As soon as I saw him I was positive he was the one and that no one could love him any more then we could.

What’s the story behind your dog’s name?
My son and I spent hours trying to figure out a name for Fabio after we met him. At the time his name was Ricky and it didn't seem to suit him at all. We were thinking something strong since he had been through a lot. Out of no where my son said Fabio! He said it was because of his long locks (aka his mane) and we both decided that that was the winner!

How has your life changed since you have had your dog?
Fabio is literally the love of my life. This little boy has so much personality! He is such a loving sweet boy. I take him everywhere with me! He comes to work, out to dinner, to friends houses. He is like a part of my body now. I have met some wonderful people through his Instagram.

Which 3 words best describe your dog’s personality?
Spunky, loving and feisty

Who’s your dog’s favourite person?
I am of course!!! Then my son, then my boyfriend.

What’s your dog’s superpower?
Fabio can tear apart most toys! He only has 7 mismatched teeth so it's amazing to see what he can destroy.

If your dog had a job, what would it be?
Fabio would be a boss. He likes to be in control of everyone around him! I can see him being the President.

What’s your dog’s most unappealing / most embarrassing habit?
Fabio loves to bark like a crazy dog in the car if anyone goes near it. Even if we are at a stoplight and someone pulls up next to us. I have had to apologize many times for his rude barking behavior!

Where can we find you hanging out with your dog?
We live on the Hudson River so we walk the pier in our town all the time. We also are in the backyard a lot playing fetch!

Finish this sentence "a dog walks into a bar….”
...And all the women in the place go nuts and start petting him. "(I am terrible at jokes!)


The Catering Director Dog Bore

The Catering Director Dog Bore

The Business Development Dog Bore

The Business Development Dog Bore