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The Human Rights Philanthropic Advisor Dog Bore

The Human Rights Philanthropic Advisor Dog Bore

Dog Bore: Cecilia
Job: Human Rights Philanthropic Advisor
Dog: Jessie
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, rescued from Alumni of Cavalier Rescue USA

How did you meet your canine companion?
We had been looking to adopt/rescue a dog for months when we came across the cutest siblings at Cavalier Rescue USA: Jessie and Reggie. We submitted our application, got a home visit from a volunteer (they needed to ensure we were a suitable family!), and we made a 3hr trip from NYC to Lancaster, PA to meet Jessie and Reggie. It was love at first sight. They adjusted to the New York City lifestyle in no time! Sadly, we lost Reggie over a year ago, and while our lives will never be the same without him, we decided to open our hearts and home to a senior doggie, Annie. We adopted her a few months ago, and now Jessie has an older sister to cuddle with.

What’s the story behind your dog’s name?
Jessie was already two years old when we rescued her. She came with that name. However, "White Ear Jessie" is her Instagram handle because, well, she has one white ear and the other one is black, which makes her coloring so unique. Usually, tricolor cavaliers have both ears black.

How has your life changed since you have had your dog?
I have [proudly] become a crazy dog lady. My husband is even crazier: when he talks to Jessie and Annie, he pretends they talk back while making these silly voices (it's ridiculous but adorable). Jessie and her sister are our furry kids; they make our lives whole.

Which 3 words best describe your dog’s personality?
Loving. Goofy. Resilient.

Who’s your dog’s favourite person?
50/50 between the hubs and I. I've tried to tilt the scale with some bacon bribery. It only helps temporarily.

What’s your dog’s superpower?
She has too many to list; please indulge me:
1. She has the ability to stop any fast-paced New Yorker in the middle of the street. All she has to do is stare at their eyes until they stop and pet her. Even during rush hour.
2. She is a fighter! Not only was she born at one of those horrible puppy mills (adopt! don't shop!), but she's also survived two brain surgeries (she has Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia), and yet, she's the sweetest, most trusting and loving dog you'll ever meet.
3. She can tell exactly -- on the clock -- when it's time for breakfast (6 am), snacks (noon and 4 pm) and dinner (6 pm). It's impressive. But if I had to choose just one superpower, then LOVE would be it. ♥

If your dog had a job, what would it be?
She would be a big shot-actress from the Golden Years of Hollywood (Howlywood?). Look at that hair, look at that beauty mark.

What’s your dog’s most unappealing / most embarrassing habit?
I can't think of any. She's perfect.

Where can we find you hanging out with your dog?
On Riverside Park in Manhattan, or on our couch!

Finish this sentence "a dog walks into a bar….”
....and says to the bartender: Can you fetch me a drink? I've had such a ruff day.



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