The Dog Walker Dog Bore

Dog Bore: Alexa Bainbridge
Job: Dog walker, taking courses to become a veterinary technician
Dog: Miley
An Australian cattle dog/ Finnish Spitz mix, she is rescued from a small town in California called Hisperia

How did you meet your canine companion?
I first met Miley at a parking lot Tim Horton’s where she was to be handed off to me from a rescue, for fostering. Specifically fostering to adopt. When I first saw her, she was much smaller then what the pictures looked like. She was fairly emiciated, and coat was coarse with Tuffs of hair.

What’s the story behind your dog’s name?
There isn’t any amazing story behind her name. She came to me with “Aurora” which is pretty, but didn’t suit her. I wrote down a list of names I liked and got her to sit infront of me while I called them out. To see which suited best.

The Marketing Assistant, Blogger, Social Media Dog Bore


Dog Bore: Taylor Bucher. I'm 24 years old and from Menomonie, WI. After graduating from college, my boyfriend, Pete, and I converted a Sprinter van and now live on the road.
Job: Marketing assistant, blogger, social media influencer
Dog: Snoop
American Staffordshire Terrier Mix, I adopted Snoop from my local humane society when he was 5 years old in 2013. 

How did you meet your canine companion?
In 2013, one of my family dogs passed away suddenly. We were most attached to each other and my heart was broken. I was in my junior year of college and already dating my boyfriend, Pete, and I decided I needed a dog of my own. And not another family dog, one that was all mine. I wanted an adventure buddy, so I started going to local animal shelters to find one. As soon as I saw that giant, block head and beautiful, sad eyes, it was game over. I applied to adopt him right away and by the end of the week, he was part of our family.

What’s the story behind your dog’s name?
"Snoop" was his name when we adopted him and changing it never crossed our minds. "Snoop" just fits him so well I couldn't imagine him with a different one.

The Admissions & Database Coordinator Dog Bore

Dog Bore: Ruth
Job: Admissions & Database Coordinator (at a private K-12 school)
Dogs: Tobias Rex (Tobey) and Perseus Rex (Percy)
Tobey is a papchi or chion (papillon/chihuahua mix).
We aren't sure what breed Percy is but we suspect he is part papillon, part daschund and part chihuahua. From
 San Francisco, CA

How did you meet your canine companion?
Over the years, our kids have begged us time and time again to get a dog (or any furry pet!) but my husband and I were always very against it because of the added responsibilities and inevitable cost involved. However, unbeknownst to him, I had been secretly yearning and browsing for a dog on rescue websites for over 10 months. When I finally jokingly came clean about it to my husband, it was during a very emotionally difficult time for our family. Our beloved great grandmother had suffered a major stroke and was in hospice care. We were all so heartbroken when she passed away and agreed that a dog might help fill that void and ease our pain. We both combed over rescue sites like and the San Francisco SPCA obsessively every day and night for the next three weeks. We visited adoption meetups at various pet stores as it was very important to us that our new companion had a temperament that matched our family. Around that time, my younger sister was in labor for her third baby. I rushed two hours away to get to her hospital in Sacramento so that I could be there for my niece’s birth. A day after she was born, I drove back home so that the kids, my husband and I could go to the San Francisco SPCA to look at the small dogs they had available for adoption.

When I first saw Tobey (formerly Curly) in the window, it was love at first sight. My first impression of him was that he looked like a small Lassie dog in that his ears were perky and his coat was a nice tan shade. I was immediately drawn to him. Although he was described as a “delicate flower” on his bio, meaning he is a bit scared/shy around new surroundings, when we asked to meet with him and interacted with him, he was absolutely adorable and friendly and we were smitten. He was very treated-motivated so he came up to each and every one of the family with no issues. We just had to take him home with us, then and there. We knew that if we didn’t, someone else would swoop him up. We are forever grateful that we did.

Percy’s adoption story is slightly different but has an equally happy ending. When we were searching for our first dog, we saw and submitted various applications to numerous rescues. Quite often they recommended that families adopt TWO small dogs rather than just one as they said small dogs needed companionship more so than larger breeds (Tobey is 6lbs.). That always stuck with me. Occasionally, when we took Tobey to various training classes at the SF SPCA, we would make a habit of looking around the adoption floor to see what small dogs they had available but we were never serious about it. After we had acclimated to having a dog and had gotten Tobey settled into the routines of our household (and because Tobey is such a sweet dog), I started secretly searching rescue websites online again nightly. One night, I came upon a photo of a dog that looked so identical to Tobey that I had to do a double take. I showed the photo to my husband and he asked me why I was showing him photos of Tobey! When I told my husband it was a different dog, he was equally surprised. But when the novelty of that wore off, he stated we didn’t need another dog. Although I was disappointed, I persisted and eventually, with the help of my kids (haha), we got him to change his mind and agree to meet Percy (formerly Winston). We drove two hours to meet him and his foster mom. This time, our main focus was Tobey. We wanted the two dogs to get along with each other as that was the main purpose of the second dog, companionship for Tobey. From the moment they first met, it was a match made in heaven. They were friendly and playful with each other right away, as if they were long lost brothers reunited once more. Observing that playfulness was what convinced the skeptic, my husband, to take Percy home with us. Although the rescue told us that we could take Percy home for a two-week trial and then decide, secretly I knew already that he had found his forever home with us. Tobey and Percy provide us with a kind of unconditional love that no human can ever give. We are truly blessed twice over.

What’s the story behind your dog’s name?
When we first met Tobey, his name was Curly. Our family just didn't feel like that name suited him at all. We brain-stormed some names out loud as a family. My daughter, who is a huge Harry Potter fan, wanted us to name him Voldemort and my other daughter wanted to name him Prince (he had passed away a month before). My husband uttered out loud Tobias Rex and I like the nickname of Tobey or T-Rex and wanted it to be spelled like Tobey Macguire's name with an "e". Since we already had a Tobias Rex, when we adopted Percy (formerly Winston), we again felt Winston didn't suit him and wanted a name similar to Tobias Rex. My husband and son love the Percy Jackson books and we love Greek mythology as a family. So the name Perseus was suggested and we decided on Perseus Rex, Percy or P-Rex for short.

The Development Manager Dog Bore

Dog Bore: Brittany Faske
(Dog mom to Apollo, Karma, Vader, Samson, Brick, and Shiner and advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.)
Job: I'm a Development Manager for a technology non-profit that helps underserved youth.
Dog: Apollo
Pit Bull, from the streets of Houston, TX

How did you meet your canine companion?
Apollo and I met on January 21st, 2015 when an old coworker spotted him near a ditch in some bushes. I was working with a rescue, ADORE Houston, at the time and immediately drove out to meet the dog missing half his face. At first sight, my breath was taken away. He was disfigured, dirty, and starving. He was also guarding his deceased company. Even though he was in dire need of help, he stared at me with such strength. A leash was finally put around his neck after a few minutes and the rest is history.

What’s the story behind your dog’s name?
Since Apollo is the god of medicine and beauty, along with other things, we felt that it was the epitome of this dog. He was strong and beautiful in his own way, while having this ability to heal others with his forgiveness and kindness.

The 911 Dispatcher Dog Bore

Dog Bore: Pamela
Job: 911 Dispatcher
Dogs: Miley, Bentley, Rocky, Rex
Miley: Shepherd mix, from Brocket, Alberta 
Bentley: Collie mix, from Maskwacis, Alberta
Rocky: Terrier mix from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  
Rex: Chihuahua Mix from Thunder Bay, Ontario

How did you meet your canine companion?
I saw her photo and fell in love! Miley was covered in worms and fleas along with her siblings and was rescued.
Bentley: My friend was fostering him and it was love at first sight! Bentley was abandoned at a gas station with his sister in a box with no food or water for several days
Rocky: My dad walked into the Puerto Vallarta SPCA where there were so many dogs and Rocky caught his eye. Sadly my dad passed away suddenly so I flew to Mexico where he was living and brought Rocky home with me to Canada. I was able to tell my dad just before he died that I was coming to get Rocky and he acknowledged me so I know he knew he could let go.
Rex: Rex was discovered in a hoarding house in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Rex was in a crate covered and stuck in his own feces past his chest. My friend was fostering him and I just knew he was meant to be part of my family.

What’s the story behind your dog’s name?
Rocky my dad named because "he is a fighter" You see Rocky was abandoned on an apartment building roof in Mexico nearly dead when he was rescued and transferred to the Puerto Vallarta, SPCA

The Musical Philosophy Student Dog Bore

Dog Bore: Tigs (Alicia, but Tigs since i was a child, by everyone!)  
Job: I was a professional musician for 10 years but now i am a full time philosophy student
Dogs: Blue (grey dog) and Sorrel (gold dog)
Blue is a Croatian Pointer and Sorrel is a Podenca
Blue is from Vukovar on the Croatia / Serbia border, Sorrel is from Andalucia in Southern Spain.

How did you meet your canine companion?
I found Blue on my daily daydreaming sessions - searching through rescue websites. I wasn't even really thinking to get a dog quite yet. and there he was, my perfect dog. He looked like a very worried baby seal (that impression turned out to be a very accurate representation of him) and I was in love with him before I even realised he wasn't in the UK.
Looking back, it does seem a bit mad to adopt a dog you haven't had the chance to meet but I got very lucky. A year later Blue and I were in Andalucia for a month and I wanted to get a Podenco, their prospects are so poor there, the rescue centres are full of them. I let Blue choose Sorrel. we met many dogs in two big rescue centres. with Sorrel there seemed to be a natural easiness between them. For my part I thought she was beautiful and broken and I wanted to fix her. Even trying to get her out of the enclosure for B to meet her was hard, it took me 15 minutes to corner her and I had to carry her out, she was terrified. Then they sniffed each other and he just booped her head with his paw. I thought 'yep, this one'.

What’s the story behind your dog’s name?
Blue came with the name already, and it suited him and I liked it so it stayed. I had Sorrel nameless for 4 days. I wanted the perfect name for her, something that fitted. I had a list (I recently found it again) with many Spanish names. all of them had some suggestion of her background (she was found abandoned on a mountain) 'tierra' (earth / ground' as in 'of the earth') 'camino' (the way, the journey, the route) 'espira' (whorl/ spiral - she has two perfect ones, one on each side of her tail) but Sorrel became a favourite. it is a herb, so still of the earth, like her. and as she was coming to live in England people would actually be able to pronounce it, unlike the Spanish names.